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My puppy won’t stop bitting!He’s about 4 months and he’s an american bull dog!He just won’t stop bitting things and us!Any tips on how to calm him down and train him!

  1. Ana Said,

    I hear that nipping is normal in puppies. That’s how they get other dogs and people to play with them but in a pack, the parents usually teach them that it’s an unacceptable social behavior. My puppy use to do that but not anymore. I’m sure you know it’s normal for puppies to chew too. I hear that a spray bottle or a loud horn can make them stop the nasty biting habits. That will help teach him what he can and can’t chew on by giving him toys and bones rather than people and furnitures.
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  2. Sylvia H Said,
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  3. Triniti Said,

    tell him NO, and make a fist. once he bites stick your fist in his mouth…he’ll gag… take his flappy lips and curl it under so he bites down on his own teeth. he’ll stop.
    Take him to obedience class…that would help plenty.
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  4. Tim T Said,

    Find out what hes biting and then put lemonwater on it so it wont taste so great when he bites it
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  5. Jojo Said,

    get him a chewtoy. puppies bite because they are what you call teething. Its when a puppy bites and its because its teeth are growing and is starting to lose its baby teeth and grow in its adult teeth. hopefully it will help alot. =] good luck.
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  6. one_fishslayer Said,

    Let him know you disapprove (EH!) and give him something appropriate to chew on. Puppies MUST chew on something. Get your puppy some nice chew toys. hehe… Squeaky ones are best! :-)

    Ummm… I’ll get some thumbs down for this but I have been known to bite back. Not hard enough to hurt but to get my point across.
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  7. needsanswers Said,

    Respond with an exaggerated "ouch!" so he knows you are in pain – this is how puppies learn not to bite other puppies.

    Keep him supplied with lots of strong chew toys, and give him lots of praise when he uses them! American bulldogs love to please!

    Above all, don’t let him get away with it! A biting puppy is cute, but a biting adult is something else.
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  8. Becki Said,

    Hey. All puppies do nip for a while. Just remember to tell it to stop each time it does. Once you start being more firm towards it, it will learn not to bite. This is what I did with my dog. She always used to bite people but if you punish her or tell her off each time she does, she will soon get tired of it and will learn not to.
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