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American Bull Dogs

I have a male american bulldog and weighs 70lbs how much more would he keep growing? and 23" tall? or how much more did your dog grow from 8 months to maturity?

Go rent the film "Digby" that will give you a good idea.

  1. robcheerio Said,

    Go rent the film "Digby" that will give you a good idea.
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  2. got boxer? Said,

    typically, they will fill out their second year, not so much grow taller. But thats a big boy, id say maybe another 10 pounds of solidness. The chest and neck will bulk up the most.
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  3. intelligent input Said,

    My auntie has an american bulldog too and he is huge! He didn’t grow much more upwards after about 10 months but they do tend to start filling out then. So he prob ain’t going to get that much taller but a lot wider! Good Luck!
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  4. Pikachu Said,

    I believe your dog will keep growing until its about 2 years old. My brother-in-law’s american puppy female weighs in probably at around 65- 70lbs at 9 months. I expect her to get around 70-85lbs by a year, both of her parents were huge and she is a big boned girl. You have a male so it will be bigger and heavier. Most dogs reach 80% of their height by 9 months, but will keep growing till usual 2.
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