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American Bull Dogs

i have eight 7 week old american bulldog puppies for sale, they really are top quality pups, we thouhgt that only 8 or 9 would arrive but she gave birth to 16, any ideas on the best way to sell them, or were to sell them. THANKS.

You’ll want to get the word out somehow, either by setting up a web-site or advertising. However, you’ll want to have an application process in place as you don’t want to sell your puppies to just anyone who answers an ad.

Be prepared to interview those who are interested. Be sure that they are educated on the breed (not for first time dog owners). If possible, visit their home to see the environment. I always call short notice to see if I can stop by, so they’ll not be prepared. I also deliver the puppies if possible, so I can see how it interacts in it’s new home.

It’s sad that you waited until they were 7 weeks old to begin planning, but you’ll want to temperament test the pups to ensure you match the right pup with the right owner. I have people who are disappointed that they don’t get to pick out their puppy, but I’d rather they have a dog that will fit in with their lifestyle rather than their decor.

The important thing is that you ensure that the puppies go to appropriate homes, not how you find these homes. You’ll want to research the new owners thoroughly.

  1. Erika C Said,

    ads around where you live w/ your phone no., or in the newspaper.
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  2. OldSchool Said,
    the petfinder classifieds
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  3. Taylor221 Said,

    What you do is…..

    you want to make sure they go to a home. So, interview the people and ask about their enviroment, if they have other pets. I would then go 1 or 2 weeks later and see if the puppies are good. Make sure before u have to make them put a down payment.
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    Family and got a puppy from someone.

  4. That Guy Said,

    I would say do what you did to find the initial puppies homes, which is hopefully veri investigative with background checks etc. good luck!!
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  5. shawn h Said,

    is it your first litter the Internet is the only way to sale now with the economy the way it is your friends ant going to want to spend 2 grand for a dog…… and i love puppies and would love to see pictures of them
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  6. melinda r Said,

    I am looking for a female American bulldog for my male. I have a six month old, but i want a puppy. I would like to see pictures of them and maybe purchase one. What state are you located? Oh and Internet is probably the fastest and easiest way to sell the pups…
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  7. trina v Said,

    I would look for your local American bulldog club and ask them what the best way is or if they could help you. Create a contract and you could put them in the paper but as here there are some strange people and you will get a lot of strange calls. Good luck.
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