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I own a red nose pit bull and she is a sweetheart, although I am having some troubles finding an apartment that will accept the pit bull breed here in st pete florida, Although I found that most people dont know the difference between the two breeds and I am getting more apartments saying they will accept the american bull. Is there really that big of a difference?

An American Pit Bull Terrier (also referred to as a ‘pit bull’ or APBT) is a much smaller breed of dog ranging from 25-60# depending on which breeder the dog comes from.

The American Bulldog, which I believe is what you’re referring to, is a larger breed, typically, than the APBT, but is just as agile and shares the same people adoring temperment. Some of them (Johnson’s ABs) can pass for APBTs, but not always.

Apartments will accept them because they’re typically (if a dog has human aggressive tendencies) be labeled as a pit bull-type dog – especially in issues such as breed specific legislation (BSL).

American Bulldog Profile:

American Pit Bull Terrier Profile:

Both dogs are registerable with the UKC and ARBA.

If you’re terribly concerned and want to lie (which I honestly do not suggest doing since it can lead to eviction), I would suggest calling the dog a mix breed of some variety – likely boxer and Vizsla or something along those lines.


So my birthday is tomorrow and i want to get me a dog, my friend is selling pure american bull dog puppies for $500 but since she wants to get rid of them shell give it to me for $450!!
with his shot but no papers?
is that a reasonable price?

A well bred American Bulldog usually sells for $800-1200. Your friend is selling poorly bred, unpapered dogs that might as well be mongrels. No reputable breeder will sell a dog to someone who is getting it on impulse. Nor do they push to get rid of their pups. Reputable breeders take responsibility for their actions and don’t try to pawn off their puppies on whoever walks by.

American Bulldogs are BIG, strong, headstrong dogs who need a firm owner. They don’t get along with dogs, cats, or other small animals and if poorly bred then they have a high tendency to snap.


i am planning on getting an american bull dog next week but i do not want to get anything unsafe for my children. bull dogs and pitts kinda look the same so i just want to know what is the difference

Find a reputable breeder of American Bulldogs in/near your area. Not only will can you guarantee that you’ll get the correct breed, you’ll also know you’re not getting the dog from an irresponsible breeder who may be breeding dogs of ill-health or temperament.

Also please note that an American Bulldog is no more or less "safe" around children than an American Pitbull Terrier. Both are dogs that can be a wonderful family pets if trained properly.


There are so many backyard breeders out there. How can someone go about finding a good APBT breeder? Correct build (slim and muscular, NOT hippo-like), healthy, good temperament..etc. In New York to be more specific. I’m not looking to buy one any time soon, but I’m just curious. I’ve owned a Pit Bull when I was younger. I rescued her from the street with an older Pit that was with her. They were both emaciated and had the mange. It sickens me how there are so many of these beautiful dogs being mistreated, thrown away, or dumped at high kill shelters. Is there any such thing as a reputable breeder that is committed to making this breed better? Being as they are not recognized by the AKC, it seems impossible to find any REAL breeders out there. Are there listings of reputable APBT breeders anywhere?

This would be a case where you definitely should go in person to see the set up where the dogs are kept. Because of the many unscrupulous breeders. Pit bulls have been popular for a long time. Decades in fact then any other breed. If you are in an area where ADBA (American Dog breeders association) sanctioned dog shows are held I would take advantage of that. You will meet reputable breeders or someone who knows someone at such an event. If you are looking just for a pet however, shelters or rescues would be the place.


Within the next few years I’m planning on purchasing an American Pit Bull Terrier pup from a reputable breeder. I want to show the dog and I’m also intersted in signing it up in the WPBTCA(Working Pit Bull Terrier Club). Aside from weight pulling what other jobs can I train it to do?
Before I get any rude comments about the breed of dog I’m interested in let me say that I have plenty of experience with the breed. However all of Pitties are and have been rescues. They’ve been nothing more than my "pets". I know what I’m getting myself into with this breed of dog. I’m simply looking for comments and suggestions that pertain to the question at hand. Please keep all rude or otherwise unhelpful comments to yourself. Thanks in advanced.
@k-9 I’ve done my part in adopting pitties from shelters. If you actually got past the title you would’ve read that I want to show the dog. Adopted dogs CAN’T BE SHOWN
@cat&jo this much I know. I currently have 2 rescued pitties who are CGC certified. They are well on their way to becoming therapy dogs.
@K-9 I never said you weren’t entitled to your opinion. You most definitely are but in this instance it isn’t helping. I can’t show a shelter dog. I want to show the dog as well as register it with the WPBTCA. I never said there was anything wrong with the jobs that you recommended.

Within the WPBTCA
Scenting which can lead to you maybe considering SAR work

WPBTCA also has a breed suitable test you can train your dog for.

Therapy work as well

K-9: No the hell they don’t. There is NOTHING wrong with getting a well bred APBT from a reputable breeder. For myself personally that is the ONLY way I’d end up with one in my home. The OP already has pits from rescues she wants a well bred dog. there is nothing sad about their choice.

ETA also here’s the contact info(if you don’t have it already) for your regional club
East Coast American Pit Bull Terrier Club
Greg Ostrowski, PO Box 410, Brentwood, NY 11717 (516) 273-6073

ETA: Whoa whoa WHOA K9 wtf is your problem? What on earth gave you the idea that I have a problem with APBTs? The fact I won’t take one from a shelter? I am far from a coward or ignorant for that matter.

Having grown up with this breed(my uncle bred the real thing back in the 80s and 90s) I have made the PERSONAL choice that should I ever add an APBT to my life I will not get one from the shelter. does that mean I think shelter pits are bad? Nope. Not at all. For my personal needs and my knowledge of the breed I simply refuse to take on a second hand APBT. That’s my choice? don’t like it? Oh goddamn well. Don’t like that the OP wants a well bred APBT? Again oh goddamn well. Its not your call on this. I am sick and tired of people like you who act like getting a properly bred APBT is a damn crime. Its not. I’d have told you all this privately but since you got all butthurt a few weeks ago and blocked me this will have to do. Not that I think you actually read it.


Normally I don’t get my dogs from breeders, and I know plenty of people on here don’t support that, but APBT’s need to have carefully watched bloodlines so that they are not naturally aggressive. Papered Pit Bulls have usually had the aggression bred out of them, if it was ever there at all.

But back to my question, I am looking for a high quality breeder in Louisiana in Texas that has good, beautiful and obedient dogs with amazing temperment. I refuse to buy from cage breeders, where the males and females live in kennels and sex is all they know. A good, family breeder that cares about their males and females is what I am looking for. Please refer me to anyone you know with numbers, or maybe even a web-site.
I’ve owned Pit Bulls all my life and have usually had non-papered ones. There is nothing wrong with the breed and I do not appreciate negative comments. The only thing that is wrong with the breed are the owners that ignorantly raise them.

Based on your other questions and complete lack of breed knowledge…

No great breeder would consider selling you a dog.

Find another breed.This breed is not for you !


I’m considering a pit as my next dog. I know there are pits in shelters but I’ve always told myself that if I was to ever own another a pit bull, it would come from game lines. Shelter dogs and dogs from back yard breeders quite regularly have faulty and unreliable temperaments and that’s something I don’t want to deal with. Anyone know of any kennels with game dogs?

Look up Tom Garner kennels, he has been breeding game dogs for 30 years. Hope I helped.


Anyone know of some ‘hobby breeders’ that breed these type of dogs? Don’t say go to the akc website or pedigreedatabase because they don’t have these dogs there. Can someone direct me to websites that are responsible breeders, have great dogs and prices that are reasonable? is one website that I have looked at and I like their dogs. But I would like to more websites like this. Only good websites, not puppy mills, or backyard breeders.

If you really want an APBT,head out to ADBA and/or AADR shows.You only go to UKC shows if you want a Staff.Meet people,talk dogs,etc.Unless you know the people and/or their dogs,the internet can be quite tricky.

@ Laura

A strain of dogs known as Old Family originated in Ireland before the Bull and Terrier breeds were prevalent in this country.Usually red/red nosed dogs,they were labeled Old Family Reds/Rednose.Yet you dismiss one of the oldest strains known to the breed as a marketing gimmick.Many use it as such,but complete dismissal is ridiculous !

Add: While I’m no fan of this kennel and/or their dogs,as I’ve told the questioner before.Their dogs are descendants of Old Family dogs.The pedigrees are listed on the site.

ETA 2: Here is some history on the Old Family.It may help to clue some of you in…

Also,why do people think that AmStaff kennels/breeders who dual register their dogs as APBT,really have APBT?


Anyone have any experience with the following registries:
ADBA- American Dog Breeders Association
UKC- United Kennel Club
APBR- American Pit Bull registry

Which are more reliable and reputable?
ACK registers Am Staffs.. not APBTs. thanks, though.
not looking to breed, thanks.

UKC is the only reputable registry out of all of those. The other ones are scams and jokes.

AKC is the most reputable registry, but does not register American Pit Bull Terriers. They only deal with American Staffordshire Terriers "AmStaffs".


I am not looking to start a debate, i am not looking for oppinions, just facts about the laws. I just want a straight answer and i am not telling you what my opinion is on them in hopes a debate wont start. Please note that i am not trying to be rude or offensive, and that i am not looking to ban nor unban American Pit Bull Terriers. Excuse my rambalings (and spelling lol). I live in Oshawa, Ontario (Canada) and i know the laws here. We are able to own a Pit Bull as long as it was born before 2007, the year the law was made, as long as its on a leash and has a mzzle on in public, and as long as we have a fenced yard. My question regards to Calgary, Alberta (also canada). I read somewhere that they were legal here and also i know someone moved to Calgary alberta to save his dogs life. Either way, what i want to know is if they are legal at any age and if they have any regulations (i.e leash, muzzle, fenced yard etc.). Also if you can buy them at any age if you can buy them in Alberta (anywhere near or in calgary) from shelters/humain societies and/or breeders/pet stores? Last but not least i have a question related to Staffordshire’s. I have seen two people in Oshawa, ON. that have either a Staffordshire terrier or an American Staffordshire terrier. One had a muzzle one didnt and i dont know what their age is. My question is much like my other, what laws and regulations are there around them and if you can buy one anywhere in (or near) durham region. Thank you for reading and answering. Please no rude comments. thank you :)
also, sorry to add more, are either American Staffordshire terriers or Staffordshire Terriers legal to own in calgary alberta. and if so can you buy them in Calgary alberta. thnxx again

Sorry, I never made it through the fine print to the question. You’ve exceeded my permissible nonsense-to-question ratio.

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