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My puppy won’t stop bitting!He’s about 4 months and he’s an american bull dog!He just won’t stop bitting things and us!Any tips on how to calm him down and train him!


My american bull dog died yesterday morning from parvo he was only a puppy

Do you mean "dying?" I’m so sorry for your loss. Be sure to treat the house and yard since the parvo remains active for six months..


I have a Brown and white male American Bull Dog. I would like to mate him with a Female American Bull Dog. He is 11 mo old, and ready to mate. How do I get his picture notice by other American Bull Dog Breeders?

Please de sex your pet. Do you know how many of these dogs are on death row as we speak?

Why do that? You cannot guarantee that the puppies will go to loving homes, you cannot guarantee they will not be used as bait dogs, or fighting dogs!

Just neuter him, and enjoy your pet! Leave breeding to the experts!


I am a first time puppy owner and want to know if this should worry me or is it normal


First off…please tell me you mis-wrote his age…please tell me you meant two-MONTH old…not two-WEEK old! That’s a huge difference, and if we’re talking about a two-WEEK old puppy, he needs to be taken right back to his mother and litter mates IMMEDIATELY and the breeder must get him treated properly for worms. You should not separate a two-WEEK old puppy from its mother or litter mates until he is at least two-MONTHS old except in the case of an absolute emergency! As a new puppy owner I will tell you candidly that you are NOT equipped or prepared to do what is necessary for this young of a puppy to survive!

IF, however, you are talking about a two-MONTH old puppy…

As a first-time puppy owner, it’s good to know how to start off on the best foot. Anytime you welcome a new puppy or dog into your home, one of the first things you need to be sure to do is to have him examined by your vet. This gives you and your vet an idea of his overall general health, and provides him with immediate care if an issue of concern is recognized. Your vet will check his eyes, ears, mouth/teeth/gums, heart, lungs, abdomen, joints, anal glands, skin/coat, and will often test for parasites or worms (a fecal test) and may also want to include a blood test. It also gets you started on critical puppy boosters that will help to build his little immune system to fight off very common, very contagious and what can be very deadly diseases.

With what you are describing, your little guy has some issues that definitely need to be attended to by a vet. Yellow poop may or may not be a sign of a digestive tract issue…or could simply have something to do with the diet this puppy has been on. However, the "white seed" looking things you described sounds like he has worms. They often will look like grains of white rice and are excreted larvae from worms in his tummy. This is not a life-threatening issue when treated, and treatment is very common.

I suggest you make that initial appointment for your puppy as soon as tomorrow to have him thoroughly checked out and started on a de-wormer…and his puppy boosters (usually 3 sets of shots 3 weeks apart beginning when the puppy is about 6 to 8 weeks old), and a single rabies shot when he is about 4 months old.

With those things taken care of…or in the process of being taken care of, all will be just fine. All too often puppies are not properly treated for these things by the person selling them or giving them away, and that’s why their lives get so much better when a loving owner finds them and starts off on the right foot with them.

Now you know what that right foot is.

Good luck!


she had 8 puppies 3 weeks ago, they are all fine. she is also 2 yrs. old

With the oppressive heat wave that much of the country is suffering under, the most logical answer might be that she’s simply very hot.

Make sure she, and all the puppies, get plenty of water, cool towels and time in the air conditioning.


Well i have a 9 week male lab and we are thinking about getting a 5 week old American Bull Dog. my lab is very aggressive buts thinking about getting a female and when they get older they can have american bulldog/lab mixes. I dont think they would get along though so i want to know will they be good playmates? thanks.

Leave the breeding to people who actually know what they’re doing. Five weeks is far too young to take a puppy from the mother, and you should fix and train your lab before you get ANY other dog. If you don’t think they’d get along why would you do it? You want a dead puppy? Not to mention all the health problems that breeding can produce if not done right, especially with bull breeds, and especially with IRRESPONSIBLE breeding.


My american bull dog died yesterday morning from parvo he was only a puppy

I’m sorry for your loss. Please keep in mind that parvo remains in the house and in the yard for up to six months..


If i get them at the same time as puppies an if there both not not fix not key word NOT fixed will they get along when there older or will they kill each other

all up to dogs, breeding, training, exercise, socialization and your ability to supervise
could go either way


my american bull dog puppy has a big belly what does that mean it is only 8 weeks old is it pregnant

She’s only 8 weeks!! Of course she’s not pregnant! She just has a big belly or maybe even worms.. COMMON SENSE!


I just got a Pit Bull and she’s very sweet and playful, not aggressive at all. She doesn’t mind my American Eskimo and even wants to play with him. She is 4 months old and my American Eskimo is 2 years old. I know Pit Bulls are naturally dog aggressive but is it possible that she won’t be to him?
Also, would it be bad to take her to the dog park?
I forgot to mention my sister has a cat too but she loves to play wit dogs…

I’d not condemn a dog by breed! However, there is the potential for her to become ‘sparky’ as she reaches maturity. I assume you will be getting her spayed soon because this must be done, regardless of whether your male is neutered. Neutered dogs can still be bothered by bitches in season and some will even mount and tie with a willing partner. So plan on getting that done towards her being 6 months.

I can’t see any reason for not taking her to a dog park, apart from the fact I’d never take a dog there, assuming we had them in the UK, because of the risk of infection from large gatherings of dogs, provided all her vaccination shots are complete, which at 4 months, she should be? Rabies?

Right now, I’d be protecting my older dog from unwanted advances from a puppy who’ll have no respect, and who will nip, and hurt. There’s only so much an adult dog will tolerate from a puppy, knowing they are not supposed to attack a puppy. That’s up to you to control. Once he sees you are stopping the pup from being a nuisance to him, he should settle down fine.

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