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October 5, 2009

american bull dog?

ok i have a pure breed american bull dog puppy she is 3 months and she bites and i know it is teething or just a puppy thing but i have 6 dogs [i find them on the street and take them to the vet and i find homes for them and they never bit me so hard are aggresivly like bella} but any way she bite and she draws blood and it leaves scares are there any ways to stop her from bitting so hard. i have tried everything
ok people i cant git a tranier ok the closest trainer to me is in St.Louis and that is a 5 hour drive and with gas this high NO i will not

You can try a few things, first when she bites, firmly say no, look her in the eyes, sometimes if they are not listening you can pick them up , hold their butt in your hand and your other under their front legs and put them face to face so she has to look at you and say.noooo and give her an appropriate toy to chew on. If its really bad I do the fingers across the nose, not hit her, like make a peace sign with your 2 fingers and put her nose between and push down and say no. Its what mom would do. She takes her mouth and puts it across the bridge of the nose and holds. Puppies teeth hurt. Make sure you have plenty of proper toys and look for the ones you can freeze, they feel great for sore gums.

Thinking about adopting and American Bull Dog?

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