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American Bull Dogs

I have seen so many people mistake American Bulldogs, for the very common English Bulldog. And you have no idea how much that pisses me off. So, who can tell me what an English Bulldog is? And who can tell me what an American Bulldog is?
I know people can tell the difference when they look at pictures. But… alot of times I have said something about an American Bulldog, and people were like "No, Bulldogs are the short stocky ones, with crooked and short legs." and that really got me going.

An English Bulldog is of medium size and smooth, short coat, with heavy, thick-set, low-swung body, massive short-faced head, wide shoulders and sturdy limbs. A mature male should be around 50lbs, and a female around 40lbs. This is what the AKC calls a "Standard Bulldog," as the AKC does not even recognize American Bulldogs.

An American Bulldog is a much larger dog, weighing in at around 60-80lbs for males, and 50-75lbs for females. They are tall, and look much like large Boxers, with short faces and a sturdy body.

There is another type, the French Bulldog, which smaller than the English (or Standard) Bulldog, weighing in at under 30lbs. This breed has a large, "square" head, and upward standing, triangular ears.

Again, the whole reason for the mixup, and for people assuming that when you say "Bulldog" you are speaking of an English Bulldog, is because the English Bulldog is considered the "Standard" for Bulldogs, and many people are confused as to what an American Bulldog actually is, because they are not recognized by the AKC.


she had 8 puppies 3 weeks ago, they are all fine. she is also 2 yrs. old

With the oppressive heat wave that much of the country is suffering under, the most logical answer might be that she’s simply very hot.

Make sure she, and all the puppies, get plenty of water, cool towels and time in the air conditioning.


Well i have a 9 week male lab and we are thinking about getting a 5 week old American Bull Dog. my lab is very aggressive buts thinking about getting a female and when they get older they can have american bulldog/lab mixes. I dont think they would get along though so i want to know will they be good playmates? thanks.

Leave the breeding to people who actually know what they’re doing. Five weeks is far too young to take a puppy from the mother, and you should fix and train your lab before you get ANY other dog. If you don’t think they’d get along why would you do it? You want a dead puppy? Not to mention all the health problems that breeding can produce if not done right, especially with bull breeds, and especially with IRRESPONSIBLE breeding.


My brother has a puppy and is supposed to be an american bulldog but it looks exactly like a boxer dog, even people who stroke her down the street always say something like she’s a lovely boxer or something. Is there any ways I can tell which breed she is.

Unfortunately, unless you know the breeder or the owner who had at least one of the parent’s you cannot 100% guarantee the breed of the dog. If you have the pedigree that will tell you the breed. I wouldn’t trust Continental Kennel Club papers, as they are those that are most easily falsified.

Plus, studies show most people can’t properly ID a dog. They tend to generalize off what they know. My boxer is commonly ID-ed as a Pit Bull, whereas my Pit Bull is commonly ID-ed as a bulldog (go figure as she’s blue and white).

There are DNA tests available, but these have not proven 100% effective determining the breed.


I don’t know shit about dogs but I love animals with all my heart, and fell in love with an American bulldog at the shelter, will he get along with my cat and any tips?
Btw don’t have him yet
This is the internet…. and the dogs section what better place to ask

With this being your first dog, I would definitely suggest getting a trainer involved in the process of introducing the dog to your household and to your cat. I would also ask the shelter if he is cat friendly. A Bulldog is a very gregarious creature and needs someone with a strong but gentle personality. It is generally not a dog I would suggest for a first time owner, especially with a cat, but I would say have a trainer come with you to the shelter and assess the dog for the situation he will be living in.


hey i have a american bulldog pup he is currently 14 wks he last got weighed at 11 weeks he weighed 10.9 killos.
At 7 weeks when i got him he weighed in at 5.9 kilos,
he will be getting weighed in a week when he goes for his last shot.
are these good weights? his father is 2 years old and weighs 47 kilos.

My Johnson type American bulldog pup is 9 weeks and 20 pounds(9.07kilos). Just by going from my boy I would say your boy is at an appropriate weight for a Johnson type. Your boys father is the same size as my boys father.


I just got a dog they told me he was a american bulldog and a bull terrier which I have no doubt about it he looks like both combined but I was just wondering if that means he is part of the pit bull family?

American bulldogs and bull terriers are both part of the bully breed family as is the american pit bull terrier however they are not the same breeds. More like distance cousins. Some of the breeds used to create the american pit bull terrier were also used to create the bull terrier as well as the american bulldog.


We got an american bulldog pup in december from a shelter and he was good wit cats there and we brought him home and he tried to hurt my cat. I love them both and don’t want to get rid of them. Any way I can socialize them. If so please help cuz my sisster, brother, and I are gonna try this tomorrow.

Almost 3 months and you’re just now trying to fix it?

You didn’t give us enough information to help. What is the dog doing? What is the cat doing? Are they separated? You were too vague for me to offer any legitimate help.


My american bull dog died yesterday morning from parvo he was only a puppy

I’m sorry for your loss. Please keep in mind that parvo remains in the house and in the yard for up to six months..


Soon i want to buy a good, strong scott type american bulldog within the UK and want suggestions to ensure my dog will be of a high standard, where its parents are pure bred and remain good working dogs
tried the websites from the first 4 answers, havnt really worked.

Check the classified ads in the popular dog magazines.

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