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American Bull Dog

American Bull Dogs

It just amazes me the more I spend time with my American Bulldog the more I enjoy his company. It is kind of like a bond of sorts. Some times you have to pay close attention, no I mean, pay real close attention. For example, the other day I noticed when I take him for a walk usually dogs know this and they get all excited. However, occasionally when you don’t feel like going for a walk, either you’re preoccupied with some other task or you just want to finish a good book, or what ever. What I picked up from this is that my dog knows that I don’t want to go for a walk and even though he knows its time, like a true best friend, he will look up occasionally but he will patiently wait. It’s almost as if he knows every expression of my face, although he doesn’t understand that worlds I am saying, he is tracking every subtle face movement. So, in essence I believe that dogs map your eyebrows, lips, eyes, shoulders and not just the verbal commands. As humans we really don’t pay much attention to this kind of details, however, dogs have great memories and I feel they mark every position of the components on our face. Of course he also maps other gestures such as hand movement and other body positions. However, I think dogs are an amazing gift from GOD as they love and understand us regardless of our moods, feelings or skin color, something we should all learn  from our pets. I think my American bulldog provides me with great warmth and personal pleasures beyond what I could ever imagine.

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Ok so I went to the breeder to see a litter of american bull dogs All cute and healthy. Is there anyone who can tell me what to look for in a pup?

Go into the cage (if they let you), and sit down. See which ones come to you. Take the other ones out. Throw a ball, see which one goes after it. Take the other ones out. Pick from which one is the sweetest.

I have an 8 week old female american bulldog puppy who loves my cat. She thinks its another puppy to play with. I do not want my puppy to think its ok to chase the cat. I have tried having her on a leash when the cat is walking around and she will do great but the second that leash is off, she runs for the cat and won’t listen. Any advice would be great!

I had to laugh when I read Kirsten’s answer. This really is so typical, especially of the American Bulldog. This past weekend, my 10 month male discovered my daughter’s cat while we were visiting. He’s usually pretty good about staying close by, but one look at the cat, his selective hearing clicked off and the chase was on. It was a playful chase, which was a relief to me, but the frustration of trying to catch him was still there.

My daughter has an 8 week old female that we just got for my granddaughter for her birthday. She’s had some of the same problems between the puppy and the cat that you are experiencing. I recommended the drag to her and she’s using the ah-ah method as well. For some reason, the ah-ah really gets the attention of the ABDs when it’s used with consistency. Even in this past weekend’s chase, it got me a look at least. She’s been using the method for a week now and it’s paying off. The puppy will leave the cat alone for at least a few minutes.

The key is consistency and timing. You have to catch the puppy at it’s first sign of interest in the cat. That first glance in the cat’s direction is crucial.

Enjoy your puppy. You’ll never regret your decision to share your life with an American Bulldog.

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