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American Bull Dog

American Bull Dogs

We had a neighbor dog kill half my flock of chickens yesterday so we are looking into getting a dog to raise to protect them. I found an american bulldog pup but cant find any research on how they do with chickens. The regular breeds bred for chickens are pretty pricey and nobody within 1000 miles of me has any. Thanks!

There are many tricks of the trade. The question really is, are you willing to take massive action and learn how American Bulldogs are drawn to your every command.

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Cesar Milan ,who trained Oprahs dogs says to turn around when they come toward you because all they want is love,then you tell them to sit after they sit give them a treat & love & they’ll start realizing they don’t need to jump on anybody to get attention & love.It works I tried it on my new dog & she picked it up almost immediately.

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