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American Bull Dog

American Bull Dogs

It just amazes me the more I spend time with my American Bulldog the more I enjoy his company. It is kind of like a bond of sorts. Some times you have to pay close attention, no I mean, pay real close attention. For example, the other day I noticed when I take him for a walk usually dogs know this and they get all excited. However, occasionally when you don’t feel like going for a walk, either you’re preoccupied with some other task or you just want to finish a good book, or what ever. What I picked up from this is that my dog knows that I don’t want to go for a walk and even though he knows its time, like a true best friend, he will look up occasionally but he will patiently wait. It’s almost as if he knows every expression of my face, although he doesn’t understand that worlds I am saying, he is tracking every subtle face movement. So, in essence I believe that dogs map your eyebrows, lips, eyes, shoulders and not just the verbal commands. As humans we really don’t pay much attention to this kind of details, however, dogs have great memories and I feel they mark every position of the components on our face. Of course he also maps other gestures such as hand movement and other body positions. However, I think dogs are an amazing gift from GOD as they love and understand us regardless of our moods, feelings or skin color, something we should all learn  from our pets. I think my American bulldog provides me with great warmth and personal pleasures beyond what I could ever imagine.

We have an male american bulldog that literally sheds constantly. He’s a healthy dog but his owner (my roommate) buys him discount dog food. My roommate tells me that raw eggs or vegetable oil will help the shedding. I brushed him out the other day but he is still shedding all over the place. I’m sorry but I don’t want to vacuum everyday! I know about the furminator brush, and I think I will get one. Is there a dog food, or any other food, that will help the shedding? Please help!

Feeding a good quality food will help with the shedding. You can also supplement with fish oil. It’s really better than vegetable oil.

I’ve not used a furminator, but people swear by them.

And it *is* summer and hot weather. Dogs shed. It’s in their job description.

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