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American Bull Dog

American Bull Dogs

We have an male american bulldog that literally sheds constantly. He’s a healthy dog but his owner (my roommate) buys him discount dog food. My roommate tells me that raw eggs or vegetable oil will help the shedding. I brushed him out the other day but he is still shedding all over the place. I’m sorry but I don’t want to vacuum everyday! I know about the furminator brush, and I think I will get one. Is there a dog food, or any other food, that will help the shedding? Please help!

Feeding a good quality food will help with the shedding. You can also supplement with fish oil. It’s really better than vegetable oil.

I’ve not used a furminator, but people swear by them.

And it *is* summer and hot weather. Dogs shed. It’s in their job description.

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