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I came home and I do not know how my 4 month puppy (american bull dog) got the garbage on the floor.. there was a lot of garbage (chicken bones, raw vegetables, and raw chcken skin… and of course paper and some pencils… I told him not to do it… but then after 5 minutes I notice he was acting very weird… is like he has a lot of energy..too much…kind of aggressive, he is throwing and biting his toys to hard and he seems like he is having difficulty breathing like if he has run for a long time… Is this normal? I am not sure what he ate, or if he ate at all… What can I do? I know.. take him to the vet but its too late, and I have no money until tomorrow afternoon when I get paid…. is this normal?
Well, he looks okay to me this morning. the only thing is that I see white things (maybe worms but it didn’t move) maybe si something from what he ate.. I am going to feed him now and stay with him the whole morning.. Maybe yes, I was really scare.. I love him a lot

If there were (cooked) chicken bones in the garbage then you might need to take him to your vet to get checked out. Does your vet have an after hours service that you can call and get their opinion?
My friends dog ate a chicken bone and they didn’t realize it until she started throwing up and took her to the vet. I think you should monitor your puppy over night and see how he’s acting in the morning; if he eats breakfast tomorrow – that will be a good sign.

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